End Hose Coupling


The ME Series of air hose fittings are used to adapt metal pipe on your equipment to accept 2-lug and 4-lug air hose fittings. Our 2-lug ME fittings have male NPT threads while the larger 4-lug ME fittings have female NPT threads.

Part # Description
ME 050 2-lug, male NPT for 1/2" I.D. pipe
ME 075 2-lug, male NPT for 3/4" I.D. pipe
ME 100 2-lug, male NPT for 1" I.D. pipe
FE 125* 4-lug, female NPT for 1-1/4" pipe
FE 150* 4-lug, female NPT for 1-1/2" pipe
Fe 200* 4-lug, female NPT for 2" pipe