Air Cooled After Coolers


Air cooled aftercoolers
Air cooled compressed air aftercoolers cools the compressed air with atmospheric air.
The compressed air is cooled to approximately 9oC above ambient temperature. A sufficient
capacity aftercooler can take upto 80% of the moisture present in the compressed air.

The BL Series is a complete aftercooler package designed to work on most models of rotary  air compressors.  To select the appropriate model, simply determine compressor horse power, and select model from the chart.

Air Compressor
Internal Airflow
Maximum CFM
Model Number
50-75 HP 539 BL 450
100-125 HP 785 BL 600
150-200 HP 1569 BL 1000
225-350 HP 2300 BL 1600

Sizing Notes, Recommendations are based on the following

Heat Removal : After cooler = Compressor horsepower x 1.15 ( motor service factor ) x .17 (this assumes 17% of input horsepower is rejected to heat).
15oF Approach Temperature : Compressor air outlet temperature - ambient air temperature.
Temperatures : Ambient Air Temperature + 15oF = Compressed Air Outlet Temperature.
Flows : Compressor Horsepower x 4.5 = SCFM Air Flow.

Air flow rates are based on less than a 4 PSI pressure drop @ 100 PSI operating & 100oF ambient and 50% relative humidity.

Aftercooler Specifications:-

Ratings :-

    Maximum working pressure              : 250psi
    Maximum working temperature        : 250oF


    Cooler                            :    Aluminum
    Shroud                           :    Powder Painted Steel.
    Fan guard                      :   Zinc Plated Steel.
    Fan Blade                      :   Polypropylene Blades Aluminum Hub.
    Mounting brackets       :   Powder Painted Steel.