ASME 'U' Certified Air Receiver

Material of construction in ASME SA510 Gr.70 Boiler and Pressure Vessel class Carbon Steel Plate. Portable 1600 CFM Capacity coalescent filter removes water form the compressed air supply for multiple blast machines and other pneumatic tools requiring a dry high volume air supply. Supplied with 2 one inlet, four outlet manual drain valve.

Safety relief valve and pressure gauge. Stage inspection activities are cleared and MDR is approved for hydrotested at 250 psi by AIA


Machines Diameter  508 mm (20")
Machines Height  900 mm
Machines Weight  105 kg
No.of Outlet(S)  4
Wheel Diameter 406mm(10ins)
Safe Working Pressure 10.5kg/cm2(150psi)
Hydrostatic test Pressure 18.0kg/cm2 (250psi)
Fabrication Standrad ASME, SECTION VIII, DIV 1